five things – 2015|13

Five things is a weekly email of carefully curated links from around the web, on topics related to social media marketing and culture.

  1. Medium – the billionaire’s typewriter. Think carefully about where and how you put your original content on the web. There are lots of billionaire playgrounds for your content, but is that the best way forward for you?

  2. Infographic of the internet’s most read stories. It’s not just cat pictures, but richer storytelling that people want to share.

  3. Facebook has officially declared they want to own everything you do on the internet, even the news.

  4. Just how much lobbying does Google do in the White House? Oh, and a glimpse into the future: Google is looking at letting you pay bills from within Gmail.

  5. How to avoid the insomnia that goes with screens.

One more thing: Every female Pixar character has basically the same face (except it’s not true)

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