five things – 2015|10

Five things is a weekly email of carefully curated links from around the web, on topics related to social media marketing and culture.

  1. G+ - owned vs rented spaces - when you’re building your social media platform in someone else’s territory, you don’t know what will happen with the nature of the building you’re in.

  2. Some campaign monitor advice on bulk emailing – using email for customer feedback, lessons from localising campaigns (a case study, by the way, in introducing an ebook if you’d like to set up your own long-form work for download)

  3. Twenty-nine rules of social media and which ones to break

  4. Can serious journalism co-exist with clickbait audience pleasing content?

  5. What it might look like to be able to do blogging on Medium

One more thing: Geico makes (basically) un-skippable pre-roll ads.

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