five things – 2015|09

Five things is a weekly email of carefully curated links from around the web, on topics related to social media marketing and culture.

  1. As if we needed more proof of our shrinking attention spans and shallow topics of conversation, the dress comes along. Buzzfeed managed 25M impressions on the dress in one day. Best read on what it means is actually on Medium, by Paul Ford.

  2. Have you had a look at Twitter analytics yet?

  3. My health suffered. I gained weight. Sometimes I wrote for 18 hours until my joints hurt and my eyesight was blurry. I had to maintain complete focus and discipline. The book became a physical and psychological obsession. How to write a business book

  4. Making the best of your time at a conference, and a collection of the best email newsletters around from a trusted source

  5. Two different approaches to using social media. Bill Gates guest edits The Verge: Can we eradicate some of the world’s worst diseases by 2030? Obama drives traffic to by giving access to Buzzfeed

One more thing: Reasons you weren’t promoted that are unrelated to gender. A painful read, but might help make a point to someone you’re trying to talk to.

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