five things – 2015|12

Five things is a weekly email of carefully curated links from around the web, on topics related to social media marketing and culture.

  1. Are you a lab rat in a social media experiment? Just how much can someone tell by crunching data about you?

  2. Recharging from burnout after social media addiction, a meditation on the busy person trying to catch up with the unbusy person and exhaustion is not a status symbol.

  3. An interview with the man who made Obama go viral, and the importance of sound in viral videos,

  4. Messaging apps are eating your keyboard

  5. Redesigning death.

The question, really, was how to lure ordinary, preoccupied people into contemplating big, transcendent ideas like mortality, continuity, legacy. Once, religion had cleared that space in our lives. Now it was up to Ideo to whiteboard it out.

One more thing: What it was like to become the world expert on toilet paper orientation

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